An adventure and travel magazine for parents

It's not rocket science but it might just be the most genius idea ever

Slow travel meets adventure

The world is meant for exploring, playing and testing boundaries.

80% of Americans will have at least one child by the age of 40.

There are no print magazines for parents who travel. None! Zero!

That's about to change.

We want to give people the practical information they need to jump in with confidence and fly their entire damn family to Mexico City.

We want people of all ages to know they too can take a bus to Oaxaca, drink Mezcal while their kids play, take another bus to Puerto Escondido for surfing, or Puerto Angel for the only nude beach in Mexico or Huatulco for gentle bays and snorkeling.

It's not family travel, it's parents who travel. It's a shift. It's says it's okay for your kids to be bored, in fact that's a part of it. Sitting in silence. Starring out of a car window. Moving through an airport. The meditative moments of travel.

Upon arrival it's time to explore, but outside of the resort, hotel, or tent. Swim. Hike. Surf. Bike. Teach your children practiced mindfulness, and watch their perspective shift.

It's travel the way we did it in our 20's, trying to devour the world on a budget, but now we just happen to have little people with us.

Let's re-claim the family travel space and make it our own. It's not a vacation, it's a way of life.

Join the adventure!


This May, we're bringing outdoor adventure + travel together in an exciting new magazine. Don't miss out!