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Change your mind. Change your life.

The day I realized that nothing was going to change in my life until I got super clear on who I was at my core, what and why I do what I do, and where I wanted my life to be, was the day my life truly began to blossom in ways I’d dreamed of, and in ways that exceeded even my own expectations.

I decided life was going to keep on passing me by unless I started taking the time to focus me for once. By asking myself deep introspective questions I discovered something that knocked my socks off: all the reasons I usually gave for why I couldn’t do this right now, or why I shouldn’t do that right now, were actually just excuses. The truth was I was holding myself back. In essence, I was my worst enemy because I was living on the surface of who I was. Plus, I was ignoring many of my gifts and talents.

Talk about a slap in the face of reality!

Discovering this about myself was humbling, but as I mentioned, it was a catalyst for me truly beginning to “living my life like it's golden!” I started to realize that I couldn't approach life like a chicken running around with its head cut off, just running from here to there. Nor could I just stay on a "safe" but unfulfilling course just because I didn't think I knew what else I could do.

The time I invested in myself paid for itself over time and time again.

After a while, I found that 7 of the areas I focused on were the most powerful and gave me the most clarity. And that’s exactly what you get to cover in this FREE 7-day Mindset Challenge.

It sucks feeling like something is missing from your life but you have no clue what, or how to change it. So if you are looking for some guidance on how to get started, THIS IS IT. You gotta begin to invest time and energy into your most precious commodity, YOUR MIND.

Because one thing is true, you only get ONE MIND and when you change your mind, you change your life.

I know you know all of this but if you are like most women you may have forgotten that YOU are at the center of your happiness. No matter what happened in your life, no matter how frustrated, stuck, lost, overwhelmed, or simply unsatisfied you may feel, remember beauty is always possible. Peace is always possible. Joy and prosperity are always around the corner.

But you gotta know YOU! In this challenge, by answering just a few questions each day, you will have the opportunity to reflect and get in tune with your true self and your talents and skills. I can't tell you how powerful this is and I can't wait for you to give yourself the gift of clarity. Take the Mindset Challenge for yourself and jumpstart your life to new levels.

To our collective success,

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, founder of Enliven Your Soul

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