Rock Your Weird

is getting a makeover!

Not a design make over! Don't worry, everyone's favorite website is still going to look like a gigantic rainbow.

I'm busy behind the scenes transitioning business educational content from RYW over to Photography Awesomesauce because it just makes so much more sense! All the courses, content and education about social media, blogging and branding you've loved is still available and you can just find it over there. Don't worry about any of the education you are used to changing at all. If you already purchased a course, it's the same exact course, just under a new name (and still taught, owned and run by yours truly). I'm simply putting all my education about business and marketing in one spot and keeping this one for something extra special and unique.

This gives me some space to put some soul into Rock Your Weird and make it into something I think it was always born to be, which is not about business education. I can't wait to reveal the new content to you! If you want to know more, just sign up over there for updates!

Don't worry, the update is a quick one - BUT AWESOME!



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