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How to Get Paid for Who You Are and What You Know!

Join 9 EXPERTS from across industries who have mastered the art of getting paid for their expertise. They are ready to show YOU how to do it, too!

What You’ll Learn from These Experts:

The #1 mistake most people make when establishing their brand (hint: this is the main reason why your potential customers aren’t signing on to become paying clients.)
Find out exactly what an email funnel is, why you need them, and how to effectively use them in your business to convert readers to buyers!
Learn how to plan, position, and promote your book like a pro!
Why podcasts can be the "secret sauce" for creating leads and bringing paying clients into your business!
How to write sizzlin' email copy that converts ho-hum, "just-passing- through" website visitors into hot leads on your list and ready-to-buy customers (most entrepreneurs get this part WRONG – and miss out on the chance to serve dozens, 100’s or even 1000’s of potential clients each and every month!)
Afraid of technology? Eboni has even made her resident "techie" available to show you the tech basics that every entrepreneur should have. (The truth is, how you're using or not using tech may be the biggest money block in your business!)
The 3 mindsets absolutely necessary to enroll new clients and how to have sales conversations that lead to paying customers!
One simple way to establish yourself as an expert with High Ticket Programs, worthy of professional fees (simply by following a basic formula for uncovering the unique benefits of your products and services that will get website visitors excited to work with you!)

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