Getting the Dream Clients You Want

A Free Braid Creative Webinar

Getting the dream clients you want

Friday, March 31st @ 12pm CST

Listen, we know you’re brilliant, intuitive, and most likely grew up a straight-A student. You might not want to admit it but we know you live for a gold star, and when you’re working for yourself what better way to know you’re “doing it right” than to land a dream client who respects you, pays your premium, and raves to all their friends about how good you are at your job.

So where are they?! Where are these dream clients!?

They’re right in front of you – we promise.

In this free training we’re going to teach you how to:

  • Identify your dream client (even if you’ve never worked with a dream client yet)
  • Learn how to talk to your potential customer in a way that has them begging to throw all their money at you
  • And do it in a way that makes you not only feel like an expert, but like the genuine and articulate guide your dream client trusts

Join us March 31st @ 12pm CST

Join us for a free webinar on getting (and identifying) the dream clients you want.