Free 4-Day Meditation Challenge

Learn to live in the spirit of awareness.

Are you ready to live in awareness with the spirit of meditation?

Like many, I became interested in meditation and mindfulness when I heard about the benefits.

It excited me to discover that meditation resulted into less stress, inner peace, and even healing for some people.

Coming from a stressful adolescence, I, too, wished to find inner peace and heal.

But getting started with meditation wasn't easy -- there were too many techniques and teachers! It was intimidating and difficult to get into. And what about the spiritual aspects?

What happened next...
I found my soul desperate for such a practice. I was suffering with depression and anxiety one winter, and needed a consistent practice. I was done with distractions from trivial activities and people; my soul craved for the truth. I wanted to be able to sit and face what was within. I wanted to live with awareness.

So... I sat my butt down, and committed. You can, too!
Let me show you what I learned from practicing meditation:

▽ How I turned my most stressful, annoying thoughts into a radical acceptance practice
▽ How I warmed up to self-compassion and silenced the inner critic (We all have one, right?!)
▽ How I realized inner peace through mindfulness
▽ How I began to heal by becoming more intentional in my action and thoughts

Come sit and commit to meditation for a few minutes a day starting today.


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