The Untold Stories of a CHRISTian Entrepreneur

A FREE interview series spotlighting 5+ Christian Entrepreneurs as they share their stories and what it's like to be a Christian Entrepreneur

Prepare to laugh, cry and connect with these powerful women as they share the good, bad, and even the ugly truths about what it's like to be a CHRISTian entrepreneur.

For a long time I felt that I wasn't "Christian enough" to call myself a Christian entrepreneur because I don't quote scripture, talk openly about my faith or attend church regularly.

This #teamjesus event is for YOU, if you feel like you can't call yourself a Christian entrepreneur, like me, because you don't...

  • quote scripture
  • attend church regularly
  • talk about God or your religion openly
  • pray publicly for people
  • make biblical references
  • infuse your faith into your business

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Our mission with this series is to be a voice for YOU so that you can find the courage to call yourself a Christian entrepreneur even in you're not perfect.

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