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"Can't get to a good shibari class?"

No money, no time, no opportunity. That's life but we have the solution!

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Yes, one month's free tuition at ShibariClasses! Esinem and Nina Russ bring top quality teaching to you, anywhere, any time with inexpensive monthly access or, in this case, for absolutely nothing.

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Well, we think the evidence will speak for itself and you will want more. We are confident that you will be impressed. Our existing students certainly are:

"I was actually able to get my princess into subspace with rope for the first time using the techniques you taught in the videos" - Nerdy_Sir

Sounds good. What do I get?

Access to 'Tying techniques: Part I', the first in a series showing how to use and handle rope like a maestro. This is the first essential step in creating a masterpiece: understanding and mastering your tools.

It is a must-have for beginners and old hands will discover a few pro tips as well...things they didn't know they didn't know ;-)

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Give us a try!

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