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3 steps to

Communicate your Social Impact

Don't waste anymore time not communicating why you exist....

Your Impact is too important not to communicate with the world

This 3-step guide helps you get started. Communicate your impact to build relationships and attract income!

You are doing amazing, innovative & creative things through your social enterprise. And your Impact Story needs to be shared with the world, so you can attract more customers, increase your income and deliver more social or environmental impact.

My FREE 3-Step Guide does exactly that.

It's the exact three steps I used to grow my social enterprise and help help clients do the same.

With this guide you will:

1. Remember why your social enterprise exists and identify your target key message for attracting customers

2. Get clear on what impact to measure and which stories to share

3. Think about your target audience and find out what they want or need to know so you successfully target your message directly to them and encourage them to buy (without being salesy)!

Consistently communicating your social impact is one of the most powerful ways to attract paying customers, partners or sponsors.

So don't delay get the guide now and find out how to communicate your social impact in just 3 steps.

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