Think it's hard to eat a plant-based diet?

Let me show you how easy it is!

Several years ago, my dad was diagnosed with advanced heart disease. It was a wake-up call to the way I was eating and so I made the switch to a plant-based diet.

It was tough! At first.

At the beginning, I was brought to tears several times in trying to figure out what the heck to make and I felt like I was learning how to cook all over again. So I get that eating a plant-based diet feels intimidating. And, without someone showing you the way, it can be.

That's where I come in!

In this seven-day plant-based diet refresh, I'm giving you:

  • Some of my tastiest and easiest recipes for seven days - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!
  • A suggested meal plan
  • Meal prep tips
  • A record & reflect sheet so you can track your before and after results.

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