The Ethical Economics Journey

The merging of these two disciplines is no longer out of reach.

Ethical Economics for Today and Tomorrow . . .

The critical first step was done as a part of advancing of the methodology of subjectivism.

Up until now this journey has been regarded as forbidden but as science advances the limits are stretched and even though only one or a few have the navigation skills to set off on the journey at first - soon others will follow - galvanized by the discoveries of the early explorers.

“It must be emphasized that if ethics is a rational and demonstrable discipline, it is self-subsistent, that is, its principles are arrived at apart from economics…. [T]he applied economist would then have to take this ethical system and add it to his economic knowledge to arrive at policy conclusions and recommendations. But in that case it is incumbent upon the applied economist to state his ethical system fully and with supporting argument; whatever he does, he must not slip value judgments, ad hoc, unanalyzed, and unsupported, into the body of his economic theory or into his policy conclusions.” - Murray Rothbard, The American Economist, Spring 1973, pp. 35–39

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This preview examines the theoretical and historical development of ethical economics that is the precursor to the model shown above. After reading this PDF you will feel engaged in the launching of this epic journey.