Do you struggle with fear?

Join me as we read through the Psalms to discover WHO GOD IS... the middle of our fear.

When fear overtakes us leaving us in a place of darkness, light is what we need.

But where do we find the light?

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” {Psalm 27:1}

How can God be the light in our dark seasons of fear?

The truth of God’s character has the power to kindle the courage we need in these difficult times of life.

The Psalms talk a lot about financial issues, marriage, friendship, depression, anxiety, and other issues of life, but the root of these issues is fear.

How do we kindle courage when we need it?

Knowing who God is will allow courage to spark inside of us, extinguishing fears as they arise. Read through the Psalms to kindle courage and kick out fear.

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