I know you may be thinking; why do I need to sign up for a challenge? Can't you just put this info into an article for me to scan?

I could...but then the valuable info likely wouldn't have an impact on your display or sales.

If I put all the information from the email series into an article, the important details would be scanned over, the lessons wouldn't be fully applied and people would be on to the next website, searching for the secret to success.

There's so much info packed into this free 5 day email challenge that I wanted to break it up and give you a bite-sized lesson to learn each day and complete the worksheets to determine how you're going to apply it to your business.

I didn't throw this challenge together in an attempt to gather email addresses. I thoughtfully planned out each email, filled it with tons of information you're not going to find on other blogs and skipped the generic advice about adding height and making sure you smile! ;)

After receiving email after email from people who have started or completed the challenge, I'm confident the lessons have the ability to take your craft show display and sales to the next level.

Join the thousands of people who have signed up for this challenge since launching it a few months ago and enter your email below!

"I applied some steps from the challenge and it was AMAZING, it really helped and improved my display. More people came to see the booth and many bought from me."

~Beatriz, Owner of Pretelie from Brazil

Creating a craft show display without considering the 5 elements explained in my challenge is sort of like throwing darts in the dark.

You don’t know where you’re aiming, what you’re aiming for and if you’ve hit the right target.

Where do you start when you're building a craft show display?

How do you come up with the concept, the colors, the props, the signage, what to say to customers, etc? This challenge has 5 easy steps to help you with all of that.

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It's been amazing to receive all the emails from craft show vendors who have joined the challenge and just want to email to let me know how much they've enjoyed it and the "aha moments" it's sparked.

They know they need to do something to bring their craft show sales up but they're not sure where to start.

They know they need to do more than place a tablecloth down, add a few risers and neatly arrange their products.

Many realize:

  • They're offering too much selection and don't have a strong USP
  • They're not creating a branded display
  • Their handmade products and display are lacking a bit of direction
  • They're not building strong connections with shoppers
  • Their space is set up to look but not shop and buy

There's tons more in the challenge and valuable lessons every handmade business owner should learn.

Join the challenge below and learn what the 5 essential elements are and how they can help you make more sales.


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