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Elections don't have to be so toxic

...if we just fix one thing:

Elections are getting more toxic and polarizing every year. A core part of the problem is that America uses First Past the Post voting (FPTP). One person, one vote.

That seems fair, but it is a terrible way to vote. Why?

It's zero sum, winner take all voting. If a third party candidate comes along, rather than improving choice, it increases polarization and bitterness.

With only one vote to cast, you can either "vote strategically" for someone you want less, or give your vote to the third party candidate and lose the election to someone you don't want at all. This is the "spoiler effect". This leads to frustration and apathy and mistrust of elections.

Most people are not aware that there are alternatives to FPTP which solve the third party spoiler effect - such as "instant runoff voting". And that there are people in the USA working to make better voting options available.

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Citizens, we can fix this! And we must do so quickly!


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