Spring Cleaning Challenge

We start May 1st - A gentle way to cleanse our diet and mind

Spring is here and it means it is time for a new beginning (I mean, look at the beautiful flowers and trees, they do it all the time). Shedding the old to welcome new and fresh things.

This is a good opportunity to clean up our diet and other areas in our lives, like our environment, mind, and even relationships (more on this in the challenge).

This is also a great way to set yourself accountable with some clean eating and re-focus on what is priority for you. Get rid of things that don't serve you anymore and welcome a better version of yourself.

During the challenge we will:

  • Learn why we need to do a clean up every now and then (specially now in the spring)
  • Learn what foods help you cleanse your body and foods to avoid.
  • De-clutter the mind with simple practices
  • Clean the spaces that surround you, including relationships.
  • Identify and prioritize what you need to feel fresh and in bloom again!

Join us, we start May 1st. You will get daily emails for the next 5 days as well as recipes and tips to help you along the way. We will also check-in in our exclusive FB group (only for this challenge group).

Feel free to invite your friends to get the party started! You know, the more, the better.

I want in!!

Join the Spring Cleaning Challenge

We start Monday May 1st! Mark your calendar.