Why Entrepreneurs Burn-Out
(and what to do about it)

New Research Reveals Unique Burnout Factors for Entrepreneurs

Feeling burned out?

Entrepreneurial burnout is surprisingly different

New MBA research shows that employees and entrepreneurs experience burnout very differently.

Most all burnout advice online is based on employee research. To date there is surprisingly little research into entrepreneurial burnout.

First seen on Psychology Today, this interview with researcher, Jade Barclay, about the findings of her burnout study at the Australian Institute of Business, reveals unique insights into how solo entrepreneurs experience, and recover from, burnout.

Here are the highlights:

  • Brain and body factors of entrepreneurship most people don't recognize until it's too late
  • Employee vs entrepreneur burnout
  • The challenges of self-efficacy for new entrepreneurs
  • Healthier ways to manage time and decisions
  • Introverted and extraverted entrepreneurs
  • Proactive prevention, recovery and healthy hustle!

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