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Hi there! I'm Michele Laine. I teach women in their late 30's and beyond how to feel better than they did in their 20's. Through my 6 week one-on-one coaching experience, we'll work together to shift your thoughts, restructure your habits and re-prioritize your life so you can stop wasting time being anything less than the best version of yourself!

  • Do you desire making changes in your lifestyle to help you feel vibrant and full of energy?
  • Has your body changed and no longer responds to the things that worked for you before?
  • Are you looking for sustainable habits to improve your quality of life?
  • Do you desire more time in your schedule to prioritize yourself?
  • Do you want to feel beautiful in your own skin?
  • Are you living true to your most authentic self?

I can help! Get a jump start and sign up today to learn how to achieve your goals. This discounted coaching package is a special opportunity to not only work one-on-one with me as your accountability partner but take inspired action today toward making lasting change in your life.

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