Update Your Autopilot &
Stop the War With Yourself

Indispensible Guidebook to Shift the Compass
from Inherited Trauma to Enduring Happiness

Book Release Date: 2016

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"It's good for the soul, AND good for business!"

-- This is what one of Carl Buchheit's clients said after noticing that dozens of executive coaches had come and gone from his corporate clients, while he and his team had become more and more indispensable to the senior management every year.


With practical exercises and deep dives into the myths and often-overlooked dimensions of personal development and systemic transformation, here's some of what you will learn:

  • Why your brain hijacks your goals (and what to do about it)
  • How to recognize (and stop) the war with yourself
  • How to upgrade your relationship with the unknown
  • What reinforces suffering and how to change your autopilot
  • How to resolve (not relive) inherited family trauma
  • The four essential skills for lasting change



* Your experience is valid. Every belief. Every doubt. Every sense. All of it.
* There’s no delete button in the brain or in the universe. Just mirrors and menus.
* Belonging = survival. Belonging trumps everything. We always find a way.
* Everything happens so we have the opportunity to make a choice about it.
* Shift the baseline, shift the system.


* Rapport with self, and with the unknown, shapes everything.
* Every experience is valid. Every belief and block has an intended positive outcome.
* In survival situations, some parts and patterns get frozen in brain-time.
* We can all rewire baselines and change autopilot patterns for good.


* We’re not at odds with self; we’re actually in alignment with something else.
* We belong by aligning with inherited trauma, so good feels bad and bad feels good.
* Turn toward the excluded. These can be allies and sources of deep support.
* All embodied patterns can be re-solved in the space between.


* We always make the best feeling choice available. No exceptions. Ever.
* We can put new options on the menu, and make them feel better and better.
* Between [what is] and [what we would like] is the ultimate source of creative flow.
* Be with all of your experience. Take what is, as it is. And choose again.


Carl Buchheit's pioneering approach to life, communication and changework is unique in the transformation field. Arguably the world's finest change practitioner —over the last 38 years through his school and private practice, Carl has personally helped over 40,000 clients create lasting transformation in their personal and professional lives. The ripple effect of his work is profound, with his alumni impacting over 3 million people and counting.

"What Sir Isaac Newton brought to the understanding of celestial motion, Carl Buchheit has brought to the understanding of personal change for professional success." -- The Game Changers

Carl seamlessly integrates the landscape of attachment psychology, family constellations and consciousness engineering, with the many dimensions of choice-making and immediate structural change at the neurological level. He delivers gentle yet instant results with unforgettable stories, metaphors and simple practices that get the experience into your bones so you unconsciously and automatically start to be less and less at odds with yourself and have more and more of what you would like. Aside from enabling the practitioner to understand the mechanics behind changing behavior for enhanced performance — Carl's legacy, the Marin-Style body of changework, delivers change so elegantly that clients often don't remember things having been any different.

Jade Barclay MCAP MBA is an Australian psychotherapist, constellation facilitator and researcher specializing in chronic stress and trauma-informed growth. Described as "a researcher with heart," and nominated in Forbes' Magazine's "Names You Need to Know," Jade is a gifted teacher who demystifies complex concepts making them practical, relevant and simple to apply. She translates research to transform lives, and her methods have been adopted by physicians, students and entrepreneurs worldwide. Regular guest on breakfast radio and consultant to startups, Fortune 500 companies, schools and non-profits, Jade teaches internationally on using brain-friendly, trauma-informed practices to improve mental health, invisible illness, and leadership

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Carl Buchheit's teachings have been consistently proven to benefit:

  • Business performance
  • Leadership development
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Trainers and teachers
  • Group facilitation and creativity
  • Change practitioners (coaches and therapists)
  • Consultants and working professionals
  • Personal and professional relationships
  • Unexplained patterns and unwanted experiences
  • Anyone interested in human development and potential


"With the Marin NLP body of work, I consistently and confidently facilitate change for my clients who tell me how positively distinct their experience is from anything they have done before. If you want the edge—this is it! Before discovering Marin-style NLP, the thought of learning or using NLP left a horrid taste in my mouth. Marin-Style NLP is the only training I recommend for practitioners looking for a balanced, sensible and elegant model for personal growth, and professional success. Their style of training not only positions the facilitator to enable rapid transformation in clients, but to personally experience improvements in all facets of their own lives simultaneously; career, business, relationships, money and purpose."
– Jon Low, Writer, Trainer, Founder of Fractal Enterprise

"Over the last twenty years, I have attended many seminars and workshops and my experience at NLP Marin has been one of the best. Their teaching philosophy and NLP model is one that shows respect and compassion for the experience of being human without any judgment whatsoever. The instructor, TA's and the students they attract into the program are wonderful and clearly model this philosophy. They all created a caring, supportive and safe environment where I felt comfortable sharing personal information.

What I love so much is that I was able to be authentic with myself and with others allowing my personal growth to be exponential. As a coach and facilitator, my skill set has expanded to a different level. Both on a personal and professional level, I find that I'm able to listen on a deeper level allowing me to more quickly connect with others and also give them the space to safely explore their own needs and desires. I've discovered that this kind of relationship ultimately leads to others becoming more self-aware leading them to experience powerful change in their lives!"
– Sandra Ortiz, Organizational Development and Human Resources Executive

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