It's Time For Your Story To Be Heard

Get inspired! Get accountable! Get your story out of your head and into theirs!

30 Days Of Speaker Goodness

Create content, Get visible, Practice your awesomeness!

You are a speaker. Or maybe you just have a story but didn't realize you were a speaker. Well, now is the right time to get practicing.

Don't have an audience? Don't worry. You're about to jump right outside of your comfort zone into the largest audience possible.

Nervous? No worries there either. We'll show you how to create your message, connect with your audience and leave them wanting more in 30 days.

Every day for 30 days, you will receive a prompt in your inbox. You will create videos based on that prompt that are geared to help you increase your visibility, your content, and your confidence.



Get Ready To Be Awesome

Begins june 1  2017

It's time for your voice to be heard!! No more hiding in plain sight.

Let's turn up the volume on your story while creating content designed to increase your presence and visibility.