What You're Really Fighting About

(And How To Finally Communicate And Feel Supported In Your Relationship)

Bye frustration; Hello connection

A Masterclass To Transform Your Relationship

John and Jane came to me, a psychologist and couples therapist, after Jane had spoken to her attorney. Hostility and contempt now seemed to define what was once a happy and joyful relationship.

She was done, burned out, tired of feeling invisible and unimportant, and ready for a change, with or without him. He loved her, but was exasperated. Nothing he could do ever seemed to make a difference.

They tried couples therapy years before after one particular challenge, and it was awful. The shrink took sides and they just yelled at each other during the appointments, making things worse.

But they were desperate for a last attempt at rectifying things, and knew couples therapy cost less than a divorce.

Within a few weeks, their entire perspective on their marriage and each other shifted. Within months, I started to feel like a third wheel and got fired, because they were doing better than they ever had, deeply connected, supported and understood. Loved.

Their results are typical.

As humans, we're so much more alike than different. We now understand how relationships go wrong, and how to get them right.

When you discover what's really going on in your relationship (unlike the story you don't even realize you're telling yourself), a deep and fulfilling connection becomes not only possible, but inevitable.

Attend my Masterclass (free) and I will share with you the shift of perspective that John and Jane (and countless other couples) experienced, and how they embraced their strongest relationship ever.

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  • See which common deadly relationship pattern you're caught in (and how to get out)
  • Go from confused to clear about the fate of your relationship (and how it can be so much better)
  • Gain a deeper level of self-awareness and understand what is up with your significant other (even if they are a mystery to you)

This hour has the potential to transform your relationship. Join me!

To your best relationship,

Dr. Jenev Caddell

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