Thinking about taking the plunge into Facebook Advertising but not sure how to define your audience?

Imagine if you could get your ads in front of people that would instantly say - SIGN ME UP!


I love using Facebook Ads to promote my events because they work! Really well!!

The reason that they work so well is that you can get very precise about WHO you are talking to. Set yourself up for success by showing your ads to people who would recognize right away 'This is the event for me!'

So how do you find these audiences made up of people that are just chomping at the bit to participate in your event?

Well there are actually 8 audiences I regularly talk to when I am selling out events. The tools that I use to create these audiences are the same tools you will use - but our audiences will be totally unique to our different events.

I created a list of the different audiences I talk to in my Facebook ads with some explanations of how to build each audience. It's called THE 8 AUDIENCES YOU SHOULD BE SPEAKING TO IN YOUR FACEBOOK ADS.

Go ahead and download it for free. I hope this tool helps you sell out your next event!

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