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Have you ever spent a ton of money on marketing your business only to be left in the exact same place you started? I have! And I may have even spent the equivalent of a Harvard Degree learning how to GROW MY BUSINESS.

Anyone been there? Have you desperately poured money into growing your company, only to get zero in return?

I’m Claudia, a solopreneur, and I’ve been relentlessly riding this roller coaster called business for 15 plus years.

We want new clients, some customers, and some freakin fans! But it's exhausting! The truth is finding NEW CLIENTS online can be like grabbing dollars in one of those money-blowing booths; you see them all over, but man they are so hard to grab!

GOOD NEWS FRIEND, you don't have to struggle, lose money, or anymore time!

I want to give you the BLUE PRINT on how to ATTRACT CLIENTS, get them to stick to you like glue, create a culture around your values and expertise, and HELP YOU GENERATE LEADS in your sleep.



This is who we are; we don’t have big bucks from venture capitalists and we like our FREEDOM. We enjoy having a bomb team of two or three and living the dream without complicating our road to the top!

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XOXO, Claudia