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Calling On The Books Industry to Open Up To Indie Authors

Open Up to Indie Authors

An Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) Campaign for a more inclusive book world

Self-publishing authors are producing work of proven quality and value to readers.

The Alliance of Independent Authors's Open Up To Indie Authors Campaign calls on all parts of the book promotion, selling and reader industries to find ways to include independent authors in their programs. It's time for the method of publication to become irrelevant in literary curation.


Are you an indie author or supporter? We are seeking 10,000 signatures for our petition, to which you can add your name right now. It only takes ten seconds and will have far reaching effect.

With the help of ALLi members and friends we’ll be bringing a mass campaign to libraries, bookstores, literary awards, events, festivals, and review outlets around the globe. Help us to make a noise about the continuing exclusion of indies!

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