My Declaration

That I am a Player in the Race to Zero Carbon

It has come to my attention...

  • That I am one of seven billion human beings, going on ten billion;
  • That I live on a marvelous planet, teeming with life and possibility, floating in the emptiness of space;
  • That our planet comes with super nifty fossil goo, the fossilized remains of millions of years of plants and animals. This goo can be used to create an infinite number of products like plastic, lipstick, cell phones and more! It even helps feed us as the main ingredient in fertilizer;
  • That despite this incredible utility, for the most part we humans act as if the goo is FUEL - "Fossil Fuel" - and are burning every last drop;
  • That we are basically depleting an organic battery that has taken millions of years to charge;
  • That in addition to running out of the nifty goo that people of the future might appreciate, the by-product of burning the fossils is the emission of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases (we call it all "Carbon" for short);
  • That an alarming number of scientists say this Carbon is accumulating in the atmosphere, where it is heating up the planet, unleashing catastrophic climate change and putting all of our dreams at risk;
  • That not only do we need to stop emitting more Carbon, we need to take out the excess we’ve already added to the atmosphere: we need to de-carbonize the whole economy, NOW. We need to race to zero carbon, and beyond.

It has further come to my attention...

  • That faced with a challenge of this enormity, people bristle with denial & entitlement; or sink into depression and apathy; or take token or incremental action that barely chips away at the problem;
  • That most people have no idea what it would take to effectively solve this problem;
  • But that some folks are rolling up their sleeves to systematically explore all the options, to begin with the endgame in mind and to turn the Race to Zero Carbon into a national pastime;
  • Such people are PLAYERS in the Race to Zero Carbon, aware of their Power and Rights as Players;
  • That I want to be in that number, an active Player in the Race, moving my team forward;
  • That I need to declare this publicly and often and invite others to declare it as well.
Proceed to the Declaration

The Race to Zero Carbon is ON!

At stake in this race are:

  • the peace and prosperity of humankind;
  • the ecological vitality of our planet; and
  • our classification as an “intelligent species” worthy of a planet.

The rules are simple. The first state to achieve a net zero carbon economy with the best quality of life, wins.

We’re all going to get to zero – but one state is going to get there FIRST; and I intend for that to be MY STATE!

I have read the Player's Rights (please read before declaring).

NOW THEREFORE, I hereby solemnly declare, that I have joined the Race to Zero Carbon, and I plan to do what is in my power to take my State to victory in this race.

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