Un-Busy Me!

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Are you ready to learn how to make space for what matters most?

I wonder if you’ve felt it before too.

That empty feeling that comes when we find ourselves navigating multiple roles at work and home and play, and too many folks are asking for our time or commitment and we have not an ounce of energy left.

Or maybe it’s the way we guilt ourselves on those days when the struggle of trying to do everything for everybody leaves us feeling like we’re really not doing any one thing well.

Perhaps it’s the way we feel because we’re so hyper-connected, the way technology brings more fatigue than freedom and we can’t ever shut everything off.

There are days the pull of everything else simply feels too much.

Sometimes unaware to us, an overwhelming busy-ness quietly roots its way deep into our lives until it gains the power to shape our everyday decisions. We walk our days addressing the urgent as best we can while secretly longing for the energy and time to really live life on our own terms.

We long for a more simplified, less busy life.

And as a certified Life Coach, I want to help you find one.

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