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Most of the time, we start our blogs because we love the topic, the subject matter.

We blog because we're passionate. Maybe we love to cook, or we love to research the best ways to raise our children, or we love to travel.

For me, the thing that I love is writing. That's my passion.

Lately, however, as I've been building my blog, I've noticed that a lot of bloggers wished they enjoyed the writing process a little more.

Maybe you enjoy writing, but you aren't sure if you are doing it right. Or maybe you find writing stressful and frustrating.

Whatever you feel about writing, as a blogger, you're going to be doing a lot of it. You'll be writing posts, "about me" pages, emails, facebook updates, ebooks, and course materials.

That's a lot of words.

I absolutely love to write, but even I can feel intimidated by how much writing a professional blog requires.

If you're not a professional writer by trade, all this writing can start to feel overwhelming.

So I designed something for you.

It’s a free training course.

Over six emails, you'll receive practical, easy to follow advice on writing better blog posts, better essays, and better emails.

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In this short course, you will learn how to use a series of writing "superpowers."

I'll share techniques to help you:

  • express your personality in your writing.
  • construct complex blog posts that keep your readers hooked.
  • create smooth-flowing arguments that everyone enjoys reading.

You'll be excited to get back to work.

And your readers will notice the difference.


Why listen to me?

Well, I have lectured at writing conferences around the United States, and I have coached financial advisors and advertising directors in London, Philadelphia, and Taipei.

I also have a PhD in teaching writing.

In other words, rather than paying thousands of dollars for a class at my university, you can see how I teach writing for free.

You sign up with your email address, and you get a series of six emails, two a week.

Each email will teach you a new writing superpower.

And, if you start the course, and decide it's not for you, unsubscribe at any time.

This training course makes writing seem so much easier! I wish English class had been like this.

This training course makes writing seem so much easier! I wish English class had been like this.

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