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Footprint to Wings' is turning the Race to Zero Carbon ("RTZC") into a national pastime and coaching each state to win.

National Pastimes don't just happen. It takes deliberate, systematic action. To that end, we are forming a Competition Committee to standardize the way the race is officiated, announced, tracked and coached.

The Competition Committee is tasked with raising the standard of racing to zero carbon in every way possible, clarifying the rules and metrics and securing broad cooperation in these matters. They will review progress each year and modify and update procedures based on a thorough evaluation process.

They may form subcommittees including a Registration Committee (to secure the formal registration of each State), Scoring Committee, Broadcasting Committee and Prize Committee.

Do you have what it takes to be on the Competition Committee? We’re looking for serious partners who are committed to getting everyone ALL. THE. WAY. To zero carbon. And beyond. People who want to create a world class, civilization transforming game.

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We’re looking for a dream team of world class coaches, referees, announcers and broadcasters. People who really want to win this game, who want to apply their skill set to winning this game.

You know who you are. If this is you, please join us.