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Ever Dream of Starting a Blog but You're Not Sure How?

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Do You get up every morning dreading leaving your kids and going to work? Want to work for yourself? Want to contribute to the household finances but not be forced away from your kids during the day to do it? I have the solution for you.

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I did. I had a great job, but it just didn't make me happy. What I really wanted was to be more present for my family, but to also be earning money to help support our family. I wanted to stay at home and work and be able to attend all of my kids' activities - and there are a lot each week - how was I going to do that?

See, I am not a techy person at all - in fact, my husband jokes that all I have to do is LOOK at technology and it breaks! How was I supposed to get a blog up and running on my own?

I found Suzi Whitford's Blog by Number Course and eBook and my life changed.

She speaks in simple terms, and has videos to show those of us who are visual learners. She simplifies the process and takes us step by step in a very clear and concise way from choosing a niche to the launch!

She even gives you 130 blog post headlines! FOR. FREE. 130 headlines divided by, say, 3 posts a week = 43 weeks of blog posts! That's almost your WHOLE FIRST YEAR of blog post titles - and they're given to you! How awesome is that?

Suzi created workbooks, printables, and videos in her course to help us succeed. She offers 2 options: just the eBook, or the combination package of eBook and Course.

Both are super affordable! Plus she offers lots of useful bonuses that pretty much guarantee your success if you follow her instructions!

Enroll now in Suzi's Genius Blog by Number e-course or want a sneak peek to find out if this really is for you? Purchase just the eBook now and come back later for the course! (I promise you this is for everyone, but go ahead and see for yourself!) :)

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