Lesson #24 Hertas 2.0


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Sunday Session Lesson #24: Hertas 2.0

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for tuning in and welcome to Season 3 of the Live Streaming Sunday Sessions. In this lesson, we revisit a previous topic, Lesson 14 "Herta Day, Not Gone Tomorrow," but examine some accented variations:

After last week's lesson on "Hi Mom's and Grandma's," I received some follow-up questions on how to build hertas with accents in the flowing hand. It may look and sound complicated, but playing hertas with all the left hands up or all the right hands up is just a matter of working out the coordination, mechanics, and flow.

This week's handout also features some tenor voicings by good friend, Karl Arrieta, a.k.a. @karldrumtech. Hope you have fun with this one, and when you post a video of yourself playing it, be sure to tag me on your favorite social media platform @hueiyuanpan.


For full show notes, visit https://hueiyuanpan.com/periscope/lesson24


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