Microeconomics is a tapestry of human virtues

Inside this book is a causal-realistic model that is part of the human operating system.

Human Essence of Economics

What you have here is a PDF of the Introduction and Chapter One.

These two chapters lay the foundation for the rest of the book.

  • The Introduction shows how intimately connected each of us are to the economy.
  • Chapter One directly and decisively makes it clear that the empirical method is not appropriate for economics while at the same time it makes known that there is a long-standing tradition in economics that uses the methodology of subjectivism. Then, starting from that foundation it reorients microeconomics and since it is built upon the truly appropriate scientific method it turns out providentially that economics is no longer boring.

Read the Introduction and Chapter One

What you will find is that human virtues are perfectly complementary with the economics in our lives.