Self-Care Strategies for Success

Challenging you to care for yourself so that you are more equipped to care for you family, home, and your just 20 minutes a day!

You show up for those you love. You're ambitious and driven. You've reached some pretty big milestones professionally and personally.

But you are living in a constant state of exhaustion and overwhelm. The line between work and life is becoming more and more vague. And, no matter how much you try your family is living out of the laundry baskets.

You're ready to enjoy all of the amazing things that are happening in your life (children, marriage, work, school, business, your home) while making time for yourself and being present with those you love most.

But how?

This Free 5-Day Training Series will transform how you experience me-time, and give you strategies for creating a self-care plan that helps you show up more fulfilled at home and in your professional endeavors.

What would your life look like if you had a few hours a week that were yours to do whatever you want? What would you do with your new found "me-time"?

Maybe you'd spend more time at the gym.

Maybe you'd finish that book that you've been reading for months...ok, years.

Maybe you'd do absolutely nothing, but enjoy the peace and quiet.

More importantly how would you feel afterward?

Motivated, Inspired, Invigorated, Relaxed....

I want you to experience these feelings on a regular basis so that those closest to you can get the best version of you.

This is what we will work on during my free 5-Day Self-Care for Success training.

What's Inside:

Day 1: Let's get real!

  • Define self-care and how it can contribute to success in multiple areas of your life.
  • Clear up common myths around self-care and me-time.
  • Address the reasons why you aren't making time for yourself.

Day 2: Remembering you.

  • Discover or rediscover the activities that give you life and refuel you.
  • Discover what your true values and commitments are.

Day 3: Finding the time to care.

  • Learn how to audit your time and plug your leaky schedule.
  • Discover how much time you WANT and how much time you NEED.
  • Revisit your commitments and values and the time you're committing to them.

Day 4: Overcoming challenges and objections.

  • It's going to happen. Things are going to come up and threaten your sacred time, so we're going to get ahead of them.
  • Develop a plan to deal with challenges and objections that may arise.

Day 5: Making it happen.

  • Learn how to effectively make and keep a commitment to yourself.

  • Learn how to effectively make and keep a commitment to yourself.

  • Discover the power of support and accountability in sticking with your self-care plan.
  • Get ready to implement your new self-care plan!

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