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A Collection of 10 Rudimental Drumming Lessons


FREE THROUGH JULY 16, 2017: A Collection of 10 Rudimental Drumming Lessons


At the beginning of 2016, I offered a weekly free live drum lesson on Periscope for 10 weeks. To accompany each lesson was a free PDF. Since starting these live streams, over 7,000 of these PDF's from Season 1 & 2 have been downloaded.

I've now completed the same pack for Season 2, edited, revised, and compiled as the Season 2 Live Lesson Pack. From beginning students to experienced teachers, every marching percussionist looking to multiply the return on their practice time will benefit from these lesson handouts.

Inside the Season 2 Live Lesson Pack, you'll find a printable PDF for each lesson, as well as links to video lessons covering each topic:

  1. Drag Interp
  2. Stick Control Motion and Flow
  3. Control Your Heights
  4. Herta Day, Not Gone Tomorrow
  5. Become a Drumming Terminator
  6. Complete the Musical Phrase
  7. Quintuplets
  8. Focus on Your Feet
  9. It’s About the Little Things
  10. Paradiddle Jam

These are not sequential lessons, but 10 high-yield concepts that will immediately broaden your perspective on rudimental drumming, irrespective of your experience level - beginner to veteran teacher. The ideas might be completely new to you, or they may provide a new perspective on a familiar approach. For both instances, the ideas and exercises are presented in a scaffolded and accessible format, easy to use and understand.

I've condensed years of my music teaching and learning experience into hours of putting these lessons together for you, and I hope you find the lessons as useful as I have.

Thanks so much again for your continued support, and Happy Practicing!


What Other People Are Saying

“Hi Huei, I just want to tell you that I found out today I made my high school drumline for this next marching season!! Your videos and tips have helped so much, and it truly motivated me to practice and become a better drummer. Thank you so much!!”


“Thanks for posting the content, Huei!!! It's always great to learn new stuff and build upon old methods! You're a great teacher and content creator man - keep it up!!!”


“Hey Huei!! I just wanted to tell you that your videos helped me make snare as a sophomore!! I was a vibe player last year and beat both a junior and a senior who marched bass drum last year!!”


“Huei! You're a huge influence to my practice and a phenomenal educator. I appreciate the fact that you acknowledge your followers, and I look forward to seeing what you are going to do next! I hope when I finish my degree that I can reach out to as man percussionists as you have!”


"HUEI, YOU’RE THE MAN. THANK YOU. If it weren’t for you and your handouts, your many videos and teachings, I would not be where I am today. I’m marching with one of the best collegiate drumlines in the nation and just received a contract for the world class independent ensemble. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and for the percussive community."



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