Busy Mom?

You can still care for your appearance... with a bit of planning!

plan a doable self-care routine...

This printable planner chart will help you prioritize the aspects of self-care that go into getting ready each day, get faster at completing them daily, and designate certain self-care activities for weekends or holidays when you have more time.

This printable will help you:

  • Create a smoother morning and evening routine for your self-care
  • Plan to get put together daily
  • Push yourself to get through your routine faster
  • Not neglect other aspects of self-care like foot care, shaving, or facial skin health


  • Digitally editable--fill it out and edit as much as needed on your desktop computer before printing!
  • Includes complete list of self-care activities to consider
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for filling in the planner chart
  • Designate a time allotment for each activity to push yourself to get things done faster
  • Assign self-care activities a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly priority

xoxo, Corina

Founder, Frump Fighters

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