Is your relationship an emotional rollercoaster?

This is an excellent resource to discuss as a couple. It will help you both understand the reason behind the clingy behaviors that hurt the relationship and it will offer actionable steps to ease up on the emotional roller-coaster while giving you some time to practice new skills.

Does your partner:

  • Seem too needy and clingy?
  • Need constant reinforcement of your love and commitment?
  • Show extreme jealousy most of the times?
  • Seem extremely emotional and dramatic?

Download our free PDF to learn more about this particular attachment style, which is highly prone to living life in an emotional storm, the “preoccupied & anxious” individual. The preoccupied & anxious partners are “preoccupied & anxious” with and about relationships! They often look for self-acceptance by gaining constant attention from others.

They are very invested in maintaining relationships and are hypervigilant about any details that could indicate losing them. What they don’t realize is that “all the love they show and expect back” can be overwhelming to the other partner, who will naturally need some space, which will only activate a preoccupied & anxious person even more. A recipe for a vicious and unhealthy cycle.

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