Are you in a relationship with an avoidant and dismissive partner?

The struggle is real and they don’t realize there even is a struggle! This may sound crazy to you constantly wondering how they could not understand the pain they put you through. You may very well be in a relationship with an avoidant-dismissive partner (this is a REAL attachment style!).

Does your partner:
  • Avoid long personal conversations with you?
  • Avoid physical affection?
  • Not care about romance?
  • Keep busy with work and tasks over connecting with you?

Download our free PDF to learn more about avoidant-dismissive partners! I promise, things will start making so much more sense. The more you learn about the way your partner interacts with the world, the better you can understand their behaviors that hurt, without taking it personally. Your partner needs your love, support, and patience as they come to terms with their attachment style and attempt to make changes.

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