Lesson #28 Ninelet Primer


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Sunday Session Lesson #28: Ninelet Primer

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"Ninelets," nine note groupings, are a great vehicle for creating energy and momentum in a musical phrase. They can look daunting at first. Instead of counting to nine, try thinking of it as three groupings of three: 3 x 3 = 9. A group of nine when played over the span of two quarter notes, can then be felt as 3 beats over 2.

When two ninelets are combined over four beats, we have even more possibilites. We now have the option to divide the resulting 18 note grouping into three sets of six: 3 x 6 = 18. The combinations and potential accent variations create a sandbox of creativity for us to explore. Ninelets are definitely a tool you want in your tool box.

Today's handout also features a short music excerpt from the 2017 Cadets program, an example of how ninelets can be used in performance.

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