How to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods

without making back-ups or bad habits

A workshop for parents struggling with picky eaters

With: Ashley Smith, MPH, RD, LD Pediatric Dietitian & Owner, Veggies & Virtue LLC

In ths workshop, you will learn:

  • Why to stop focusing all of your energy on trying to change picky eating.
  • How to identify your feeding style and adjust before bad habits begin to hurt more than help.
  • Where to start and what you can do starting reversing picky eating right away.
  • The tools you need to take action immediately.
  • Three key takeaways for what parents can expect with this process

NOTE: Live workshop starts at 12:00 PM (CST). There will also be a workshop replay available to all registrants, for those who may not be able to tune in live.

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