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Bona Fide

What It Means to Live Real

Join us for this FREE six week online Bible study with author and speaker Julie Lyles Carr. We'll be exploring Bona FIde: What It Means to Live Real. Once you register, you'll receive each week a link to a video and a downloadable pdf study guide.

Masks. Labels. Expectations, templates, vulnerabilities, strengths, seasons, questions, purpose, failure, success. We may have a Biblical understanding of who we are in Christ...but do we know how to live that out? Do we know how to be who God created us to be...and yet maintain a supple spirit, allowing Him to hone and refine us? How do we live as the originals He intends while living selflessly? This six week online series with All Mom Does and Spirit contributor Julie Lyles Carr will dive in to the profound questions surrounding who we each are at our deepest core and what it means to live that well, in good faith. Bona Fide.


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