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Is Instagram kicking your butt?

Our 8 week Instagram Mini-Class will help your IG profile stand out from the crowd. Starting September 4!

In just 8 weeks, I'll help you

  • find your voice - both in photos and in writing
  • grow your followers on Instagram
  • convert them into customers.

How? By ...

  • Reviewing your Instagram account
  • Setting goals & reviewing them in our bi-weekly group calls (4! in total) and our Facebook group
  • Sharing all my tips & tricks in 3 educational & entertaining videos (you gotta laugh, right?)

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Let's talk about the elephant in the room - money. You get the entire Mini-Class for € 99 (net) per month with two monthly payments, i.e. a total of 198 € (net). Payment is via Paypal invoice - all the details are in the email I'll send you after you sign up.

The next class starts on September 4 and runs until the end of October. Spots are limited - I'll accept up to 10 participants, i.e. 2 full class rosters.

I love to test my classes to make sure I really do the best I can to help you!

Here's what a few of the beta testers for the Instagram Mini-Class said about it:

"The class offers information for all types of creatives to improve their Instagram. The videos are helpful and provide just enough information in each that is manageable to work on. The video calls are fantastic and very helpful for getting individual advice."

- Aleks Byrd, knitwear designer & illustrator, @a_blackbyrd
"I really appreciate the opinion of the others about what I'm doing to see the impact and also to see if I'm on the right way."

- Ana Alvarado Baldous, owner of LYS Lanae Tricot, @lanaetricot

This is our Instagram Mini-Class Schedule:

Week 1:

  • I'll review your Instagram account & send you a PDF summary
  • Video #1: Getting the basics right

Week 2:

  • Call #1: Intro, Goal Setting + Q&A

Week 3:

  • Work, work, work! - on the goals set in week 2

Week 4:

  • Video #2: Growing your audience
  • Call #2: Goal review, goal setting for the next two weeks + Q&A

Week 5:

  • Work, work, work! - on the goals set in week 4

Week 6:

  • Video #3: Converting your audience into customers
  • Call #3: Goal review, goal setting for the next two weeks + Q&A

Week 7:

  • Work, work, work! - on the goals set in week 6

Week 8:

  • Call #4: Program review + Q&A
  • ALL the celebrations!!


How do you set the time for the calls?

At the beginning of the Mini Class, I'll send around Doodles (i.e. surveys) to find the day and time that works best for everyone for all the calls that we'll have together. In addition to that, I allocate students to classes so that - ideally - they are close together in terms of time zones.

What if I can't make it to one of the calls?

Don't worry, all the calls are recorded and you can view them later on your own schedule. You can also post any questions you'd like us to discuss and answer in the Facebook group beforehand so that I can make sure to include them in the call!

What happens in the calls?

The calls are one of the core elements of the class. In each call, every student describes what they have been working on in the last few weeks and can ask any question they'd like to ask. Me and the other participants help with overcoming road blocks and frustrations and we set goals for the next few weeks.

What happens in the Facebook group?

The Facebook group is the administrative hub for the Mini Class. I'll be posting our call times there as well as the preparation documents for the calls. It's also a great place to connect with the other participants and ask questions in between our calls!

Do I have to prepare anything for the calls?

Yes! Don't worry though, I'll send you all the details in your first emails and in the Facebook group. I will ask you to walk us through your progress and successes and questions in each call so that we can help you best.

I don't have Facebook, can I still participate?

Unfortunately, the entire administrative part as well as the preparation work you'll be doing for the calls happens in a closed Facebook group. If you'd like to participate in the Mini Class, I suggest you create a Facebook account for the duration of the class and delete it afterwards.

Find more about me ...

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... on my Instagram @hannaontheroad.

Any questions? Hit me up:

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