Stay Above the Fray


​Every sensitive wants to figure out what they can do to "stay in their own energy", "protect themselves from negativity" and "stop taking on everyone else's stuff."

Hi, I'm Nicole Isler, Chief Empowerment Officer at Sensitives Rising - and the go-to Energy Pro for Sensitives just like you.

And to be up front, you won't find any of that here!

Trying to protect yourself, worrying about everyone else and thinking you have zero control of your own energy is not how I roll. And it's not how you should either.

What I am here to offer you is:

  • Total expansion
  • Limitless thinking
  • Abundant energy

Doesn't that sound more inviting and empowering?

It's time to rise up from energy poverty and elevate your quality of life.

No more living small for you!

What if you could:

  • Feel free to be your true self without having to defend your sensitivity?
  • Surround yourself with people who really get you - because they are 'like you'?
  • Eliminate what or who is not working for you - without the guilt?
  • Leave toxic or negative relationships behind for good?
  • Stay in your own energy regardless of any negativity around you?
  • Remove the resistance that keeps you from feeling how you want to feel - without having to 'protect' yourself?
  • Reduce stress recovery and instead have more epic AF fun in your life???

Well now you can!

This FREEDOM guide & 10 day mini-workshop will help you:

  • Identify what is draining your energy and wearing you down
  • See your life through your spiritual eyes, without any limitations
  • Figure out what is stopping you from making consistent progress
  • Spend less time recovering from negativity
  • Discover resources to help you manage your energy and finally get the support you've been searching for - without having to protect yourself, spend a ton of dollars on things that only offer temporary relief - or changing your sensitivity.

Does that sound good to you? Are you ready to stay above the fray and live a high vibe life?

Then plug your info in below and let's get to it!

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