The Secret to Peace

Join me for a seven day challenge to peace - through the power of prayer!

Seven Days to Peace

A Prayer Challenge

Is this you?

  • I am so overwhelmed and stressed by the people around me.
  • How do I feel the peace God promises in the middle of extreme heartache?
  • Thoughts about the future cause extreme fear.
  • Feelings of anxiety are underlying my heart, and no one sees it.

My own life feels crazy and out of control right now! We have a new little boy in our family and we are planning some HUGE family changes. I feel overwhelmed with so many unknowns. One of my goals for this challenge is to learn to rest and trust God in the unknowns.

Join me as I dedicate ten minutes a day to pray over a passage in the Bible on peace. For seven days I will share an encourage verse, some background information, reflection questions, and a prayer prompt.


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10 Verses to Cultivate a Prayer Life

Over the course of this year, 2017, I’ve dedicated specific time to my quiet time to prayer. It wasn’t easy, but I preserved. It took me weeks, maybe a couple of months to find a good routine.

Some days I wrote long, detailed prayers, other days I simply wrote: “help me.” But before I knew it, I had a habit. Prayer became more than words on a page, and many times I would spend time praying in my mind, not writing anything down. Those prayers found its way to the Father, Who is always listening.

You too can unlock the secret to peace through the power of God's Word and prayer!

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