The Secret to Peace

Take the seven day challenge to peace - through the power of prayer!

Seven Days to Peace

A Prayer Challenge

  • Does your life feel crazy?
  • Circumstances out of control?
  • Life won't slow down to let you breathe?

Join me as I dedicate ten minutes a day to pray over a verse, answer some reflection questions, and write out a prayer for peace. JUST FOR SEVEN DAYS!

If you sign up, you will also recieve these


1. A Brand New Workbook!
2. Prayers to Pray Each Day!
3. Psalms to Help You Fall Asleep!

**Dedicate a time EACH DAY to pray!

Prayer will became more than words on a page. Those prayers will find their way to the Father, who is always listening. You too can unlock the secret to peace through the power of God's Word and prayer.


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