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Modern Universal JavaScript with Next.js

You'll learn how to create fully universal JavaScript app, without the headaches.

Video series for Next.js

Stop worrying about configuration, and complex codebases.

Remy Sharp takes his existing node based server side rendered (SSR) codebase and convert it to a universal React application codebase using the Next.js framework. By the end of the project, you'll see how to build out a full SSR codebase that is fully capable of running inside the client dynamically too.

The video series includes an array of extra tips beyond just coding a Next.js codebase with practically zero configuration!

The videos include: how to make design decisions on SSR vs. client based approach and the potential impact on latency. How to manage custom routing. How to work with APIs using fetch and CORS. Debugging tools and techniques, how to use new ES6 features like async, await and destructuring. How to write tests, configuring development and production environments, deployment strategies, static builds, gotchas and much more!

This series is ideal for a beginner to React to those more experienced and looking for some fast exposure to "easy" SSR with Next.js. Even if you're just discovering JavaScript for universal codebases, this series will be able to help you learn from a first hand perspective.

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