Kickstart Your Business

Create a Marketing Plan for your business... in less than 1 hour!

Marketing plan? Who has time for that?!

We all have overstuffed inboxes and scattered to-do lists that crowd our desks, stick to our planners, and find their way inside our purses.

The idea of pausing it all to make a Marketing Plan sounds impossibly hard (and not in the least bit fun).

Lucky for you, I've taken away the prep work with this Kickstart Your Business workbook.

In less time than it takes to get the kids to bed, you'll be able to plan the big picture of your marketing plan!

The best part?

There's NO EXPERIENCE necessary. It comes with a FREE video training where I walk you through the workbook.

So grab your favorite drink (mine will be in a mason jar!), and spend an evening with me, digging into your marketing goals—what a fun strategy soiree it will be!

Yes, let's get planning!

Hooray! This is going to be fun!

Amber circle

I'm so glad you're jumping into organizing your marketing plan!

Sweet tea and lemonade await on the other side.