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I stalled for years before starting my own design business. I didn’t know where to start, or who to talk to without feeling pushy. Bottom line was, I didn’t know how to sell myself and feel natural about it.

You have unique talents to offer your clients, and I want to help you get out there and put them to use! My mission is to help you transcend the uncertainty that every new business owner faces. How to get consistent, exciting design work?

Above all, where the heck do you go to find those perfect clients who want exactly what you LOVE to design?

It's important to feel confident about your skills and the services you provide. When you come from a place of genuine excitement about your work, it shows through in the way you present yourself to clients.

When clients realize that your interests align so closely with theirs, you're basically a shoe-in to be their designer.

I've personally created permaculture design businesses from the ground up in multiple locations, and am so excited to help you do the same.

The freedom and thrill of owning your own business is a gamechanger. You can take it anywhere you go, and you'll be able to enhance the lives of the people and planet around you.

All of this, while creating financial security for yourself, and getting paid what you're WORTH!

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Yours in the Great Greening, Pete Widin, MLA, PDC

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