Are you ready to emotionally detox and become a more empowered woman?

5 Free EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) videos.... just for you!

Re-claim your life and more settling!

Over the course of 2 weeks you will receive 5 EFT videos to work through. Each one covers a different aspect of becoming more empowered and truly living the life you crave!

All you need to do is watch, tap along and see what it brings up for you. It's time that we identified, healed and released anything that no longer serves you.

You can share your insights, reflections and challenges in the Facebook Group! I am always happy to help and support!

This is what we will be covering in your emotional detox:

  1. I don't believe in myself
  2. I am a people pleaser and I find it hard to enforce my boundaries
  3. I don't speak my truth
  4. I sabotage my life and myself
  5. I can't let things go - emotions, people and my own expectations of what I thought I should have achieved by now

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