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If you're ready to get off the merry-go-round of new diet plans, exercises you stop doing, and feeling bad about yourself, this course is for you!

Sure, you know you need to eat less and move more, or at least that's what the diet and exercise industry tells you. But if you don't create coping strategies to deal with the mental and emotional blocks which sabotage your best efforts to "be good" and "do what you're supposed to do," even the most expensive trainer, a personal chef, and weight loss surgery won't ensure you reach your goal weight.

In this 12-week course, which will start in September, you will receive actionable steps you can use immediately to focus on your health and weight loss goals. You will receive encouragement and support through weekly emails and through weekly group coaching sessions. Groups will be restricted to 10 people.

Included in the Success & Support for Weight Loss course is a weekly online group coaching experience designed to help keep you on track and tackle the mental and emotional issues keeping you from reaching your weight loss and health goals.

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