Ready for a Texas-Sized Back to School Celebration?

Partnerin' up to bring you back to school fun!

Back to school can be a hectic time of year!

Let me, Down River Resources and my partners, Sweet Sweet Primary, Science School Yard, First Grade Frame of Mind, First Grade Diva Creations, and Ashley Wright at the Wright Nook keep you afloat for the first week of school!

The back to school celebration will provide you with tips, tricks, + resources to help you:

  • create a positive learning environment
  • improve classroom management tools
  • plan a fun first day of school
  • emphasize vocabulary during a back to school read aloud
  • support a numeracy-rich environment
  • set up science centers
  • promote a science-minded classroom

This is great for new teachers, teachers new to the K-3 grade levels, and experienced teachers wanting more great resources to use in their classrooms to ease the back to school burden to STAY AFLOAT!

All resources that are distributed through this special week are for personal use, single classrooms ONLY. If you wish to share with a friend, copy and paste this link to allow them to join in the fun!

Thank you for honoring our hard work to bring you this fun and keep you afloat!

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I can't wait for you to jump in! See you soon!

- Laura