Need Help Successfully Importing From China?

Importing may LOOK like you are just ordering something online but there is much more to consider if you don't want to end up sending money to a scam artist or end up with a product that is nothing like it was advertised

Step by Step Private Label Process

How to successfully import from China

This download will take you through the step by step process of sourcing for a product, screening suppliers, how to pay for the product, working with inspectors and forwarders and all of the suggested legal documents you may want to consider including in the process.

I have included some suggestions for inspection companies and some tools to help you promote your brand!

I also include the following BONUS email templates:

  • Request logistics costs from Forwarder
  • Order your first product
  • Get quotes from suppliers

I have also included a spreadsheet template for calculating gross profit/loss so you have an idea of all the costs you should be considering in your calculations.



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