5 Days to

Clear Out, Clean up, Pair Down, Declutter and Simplify Your Life

for a Peaceful Fall

Ready to go into a new season with a fresh, simpler slate? Let's do it together!

5 Days of SIMPLIFYING...September 4 - 8

After the lazy, hazy days of summer, Fall can sometimes feel a little frantic.

School gets started, work ramps up, vacation ends, the holidays are looming.....

Hey there! I'm Alex Strauss, author of The Mindful Walker, and this year, I invite you to start the new season in a peaceful, centered way with 5 Days of inspiration and motivation to help you whip your space, food, schedule, finances, and LIFE into shape - SIMPLY!

This FREE Work(fun)shop includes

  • A daily email/post and simplifying "assignment" (totally optional - remember we're just having fun here)
  • A private Facebook group for mutual support and accountability
  • A daily live broadcast on Facebook to go over the "assignment", check in on your progress, share challenges, and answer questions

After just 5 days, you'll be ready to sail into Fall with a new sense of peace, lightness, and clarity - AND a cleaner closet and fridge!


I'm So Ready!

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