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Does this sound like you???
- I am so tired of over drafting my account!

- Ugh bills again!

- Wait, I just got paid how do I not have any money left in my account?

-Oh great, the holidays are coming... better break out the credit card!

- I know I need to start saving money but have no idea where to even start!

Lemme tell you mama, that was ME for so long! We had about $400K in debt and I was absolutely DROWNING. I didn't know where my money was going, was losing money weekly in overdrafts, and just felt like nothing would ever change. But, after finding some simple tips and an easy to follow system, our family was able to pay off $100K in debt and give me the financial freedom to be able to leave my teaching career (that was leading to MAJOR burnout) and be home with my kids.

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